blut shock correspondence therapy
Blunt Shock Correspondence Therapy: an Introduction for Peers.
The “Therapeutic You”

Blunt Shock Correspondence Therapy is experiential and focuses on the individuals’ experiential experiences and their dire need to take personal responsibility for the vagaries of life.  These life experiences invariably have intrinsic value to the individual and are explained to them, often distastefully frank, based on the blunt, shock driven opinions of master counselor and life coach Dr. Frederick Health.  This Blunt Shock Correspondence Therapy (BSCT) is loosely derived from other therapies like Gestalt Therapy, Accupuncture, and Dialectic Logical Positivism.  It was founded in the late sixties or seventies by Dr. Frederick Health and his roommate at the time.  They eventually lost touch with one another when they gave up their apartment on the Upper West Side. It was a great large apartment so they also shared it with some other friends including a couple of girls. 

Blunt Shock Correspondence Therapy
should never be confused with Electroshock Therapy in that there is no electricity used in BSCT.  This results in a significantly lower overhead for the BSCT Life Coach practitioner than for your more common psychiatrist who usually lacks any real business sense.  Dr. Health has written millions of words on paper in his lifetime, each one of them important and properly spelled.  It is through this body of work and life’s natural sequence that he developed his philosophy and discovered his purpose.  Dr. Health is fluent in Magyar (Finno-Ugric), Ampharic and Tae Kwan Do.

BSCT treatment is handled almost exclusively through a clients’ correspondence with Dr. Health.  On occasion it might include an occasional telephone call and/or personal contact when and if Dr. Health deems that it’s appropriate, safe and worth his while.  Dr. Frederick Health was recently honored for being the only Black Belt Blunt Shock Correspondence Therapy Life Coach in the Western World and there are none anywhere else in the world either including Asia. 

Blunt Shock Correspondence Therapy is a method of awareness that ignores searching through past baggage or probable root causes for the client’s behavior except as suggested by Dr. Health.  The therapy is a response to the client’s direct or indirect experience and their resultant behavior or the behavior of others in their "acquaintance field" who really don’t like them.  In BSCT these issues are presented by the client through the submission of letter correspondence to the life coach including their questions.  This is a “therapeutic process” as it’s known in the industry.  As Dr. Health has said many times, “People often need brutal honesty to snap them out of their lethargy.  BSCT is like a bucket of cold water splashed in the face.  It’s a good swift kick in the pants: a mid-sentence slap.  And that’s why it works so well”.

During the process, often lasting only minutes, the client will learn to be more aware of what they are doing and, if not, then they most likely are either suffering from “rejective response syndrome” or they’re just stupid.  Either way they can’t be helped by anyone.  In BSCT the life coach’s answers to the client’s questions are life changing.  They twist and turn things around for the client with a keen insight into their real issues. These responses that Dr. Health gives to the clients of his choosing develop self-acceptance and sustainabilility for future experiences or adventures be they worthwhile experiences or frighteningly bad.

One of the purposes of this website is, through examples, to help train other life coaches and get them to send a portion of their future earnings to Dr. Health.  It teaches through samples of actual correspondence between Dr. Health’s and his clients along with some commentaries.  After reading the site, please contact Dr. Health about how to become a BSCT life coach or client so that you can learn how to set up your own facility or maybe even work from home and earn that additional money you so deserve and may need in these difficult economic times.  As one of Dr. Health's life coaches you will also earn some special discounts on any of Dr. Health’s licensed products.  You should also buy your friends and acquaintances alike a copy of Dr. Health's book which is found in the products section of this website.  Nothing has been proven to have better financial results than representing Dr. Health at your own BSCT House Party and, with a little hard work, becoming “a Disciple”.

The key to this website, as well as training to be a BSCT life coach, is best captured in Dr.Health’s most famous phrase: “And remember, I really care”.

All the following has been reprinted with permission from Dr. Frederick Health’s treatise “Sudden Acceptance Therapy; A Fresh Therapeutic Approach for the Hopeless and Pathetic with Their Bizarre and often Humorous Psychological, Physiological, and Neurobiological Conditions and Complaints”, written and edited by Dr. Frederick Health, Ibid, Library of Congress Marking  # 38786126986, circa 1990, DOA, NYS USA, Ibid; 1997.
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